15 Popular Top Best Torrent sites 2017

Best torrent sites or best torrenting sites to download games, Music, Movies, Software and also other files must needed, So top torrent sites or Top torrenting site most people searching. Best torrenting which is one best file sharing technique for everybody to download any sort of document for free, whether it is pilfered or any sort of banned file, you can get any record on torrenting websites and can download anything from torrenting which we are sharing here are best torrent sites for Movies, games.

In this post, we have list 15 popular Best torrenting sites which our team preferred and We are damn certain that you friends will likewise like these one. We have list of best torrent sites for computer application, games and so on. The majority of these best torrent sites are working fine and we are constantly update this list of top torrenting sites and when we will get all the more we will add them to this list.

Best Torrent sites

what is Torrenting sites

The vast majority of the people like to download the movies, documents, software, etc from internet. Individuals spend a greater amount of hours to search and download the file of any sort. Numerous individuals are the marvelous computer fans on the planet you can say since individuals never let go any games, movies or any other trading thing in the internet.

Individuals don’t get an ideal opportunity to look out in the other websites on account of their busy calendars and working hours. In this way, individuals attempt to approach best torrent sites online to download any file online. Individuals are confronting the issue when their needed files are not accessible in their personal computer, then individuals are seeking them in the web.

Individuals additionally utilize these best torrent sites to download the files in their devices at whatever time there are want to access them.

Many of the people are accessible in the web to download the files for free however the top torrent sites given below has the huge collection for personal computer and laptops which are putting forth all files like movies, games, software, computer applications, etc.
Best torrent sites

These best torrent sites not give you just trail files; they are full versions with the expectation of complimentary which you might download the entire versions without any disturbance. These have all kinds and category files.There are the movies, games, computer application from old to enormous and most recent ones which the vast majority of us don’t found in our own computers and laptops and we jump at the chance to download or watch again and again by using best torrent sites.
Top Torrenting sites

A large portion of the websites online, best torrent sites are the best which have the huge collection of the all the files which are useful in your computer. The top torrent sites offers free file download that you can download for nothing, and there are a greater amount of files and loads of free documents. Then you need a file which you are searching from many days just browse through these below top torrent sites?. Simply download the free files online destinations to access it in your laptop for free.
torrenting site

15 Best Torrent site 2017

Presently, Most of the individuals like to download the files which are not found in normal websites on consistently. In this way, the vast majority people to download the files online for free or a few users with high speed internet connection likes films download free sites, and games download with no sign up. Here are a best torrent sites which allows user to download free files without sign up. However, not to worry since we are giving best torrent sites to download full files for free.

The top torrent sites list which we are going to give below is absolutely lawful to utilize and it will be malware free also. Downloading file through online is so simple. You simply need to go to the any of the to download free files online given below the list of Popular 15 top best torrent sites for torrenting 2017 online which you need to download on the web.

When you can found your file, simply tap on download and after that access the file at whatever point you need in your computer. Check at this Popular 15 top best torrent sites for torrenting 2017 to search what you require in order to download file online free. You can likewise see point by point information of the this for free. You can download your most needed files. So get prepared for happy and enjoying the access of your favorite files.

1. Kickass torrentings


Kickasstorrentings was established in 2009 and surpassed The Pirate Bay in movement this year, even before it went down.

Doing combating different oversight endeavors the site has smoldered through a couple of various domain names throughout the years.

Most as of late it changed to the Somalian Kickass.so address. User can search any kind of file in its search bar.

User can download the searched file by clicking on its link. This site is free to download all the files including movies, video songs, games for personal computers, computer application files, etc.

Kickass torrentings

2. torrentingz


torrentingz has been the leading Bittorrenting meta-search engine for many years. Unlike the other sites featured in the list z does not host any files, it merely redirects visitors to other places on the web. The site uses several domain names with .eu being the most popular. By technology headway, people were currently moved from personal computers to all the more effectively mobile laptops. And increase in internet facility many individuals who have a laptop with an internet connection watch and download films online free by using this.


3. The Piratebay


The Pirate Bay is one of best torrent sites 2017, and it is famous for giving splits of different software. This website is for the most part used to download songs, software and so on.

It is presently positioned on 192 in the entire world. This top  site is upgraded in the general time of time. This site is accessible in 30 languages.

Features of this best torrent sites are takes a shot on search algorithms to locate your required file furthermore, has different channels to locate your most loved file by ticking audio, games, video, applications, and so on. No promotions like Pop advertisements and general clean site with cleaned UI.


4. Extra

(www.extra .cc)

Extra is best torrent sites 2017, This site is one best index which has huge amounts of tons which even damages policies of a few websites.

This site even changed their Domain name augmentation from .com to .cc to numerous ban issues. Moreover, this has some different elements too like wellbeing meter to show soundness of any document before downloading it.

Features of this best torrent sites are scan from your most loved files. No Pop advertisements in any case and have its own particular group too.


5. YIFY torrenting

Yify was released 3 years prior, since then it got the sudden help in fame and even ranked 5 in best torrent sites 2017. It is one of the protected torrenting sites, utilizing it you download high quality films, tunes.

It has some other cool features too like Chat Area, Facebook Page and so on. I need to concede that it is best torrent sites to download new motion pictures for free.

Features of this best torrent sites are give HD movie torrenting links and has enormous database of all Hollywood films. It gives virus free films connection to security reason and cleaned UI.



EZTV is internet engine which comes extremely helpful to download any show for free. It will give you torrenting links and in addition magnet joins, even without enlistment at the site.

This site interface is extremely straightforward. You can look at list of most recent scenes on home page of this website with their particular download joins. You can visit their discussion to demand any scene too.

Feature of this torrenting website are straightforward UI with quick stacking topic and rundown of most recent scenes on home page with download connections to spare time.

7. Bitsnoop


It is one of the best torrent sites with a search engine of files (in millions). This site is pushed to Rank 8 in the list of best torrent sites, as this site has a considerable measure of helpful records and evacuates documents which have a trojan in them in a split second utilizing its group.

Features of this best torrent sites are download sounds, videos, software, games and different things. Main 100 torrenting list and search alternative is likewise accessible on this torrenting site.

8. Lime torrentings


This site is set up many years back, however it pick up acclaim and popuarity since most recent two years. This site even showed up in the news in this year. For the current year Lime torrenting got its place in the rundown of best torrent sites.

This best torrent sites has responsive quest bar to hunt down most loved files and documents of various types like Animes, Video, Software, Movies and so forth are accessible.

9. Bit torrenting


This is one of best webpage to download torrenting file, however the restriction of this website is that it won’t permit you to download torrenting files, instead they will download it on their server and will give you an immediate torrenting link.

Free users are constrained to 100Mb as it were. That is the reason the site has position on this rank in the list of best torrent sites 2017.

10. torrenting Box


torrenting box is new settled site however it is one of best torrent sites 2017. You can discover list of confirmed torrenting site from this site which is absolutely free from any sort of trojans or infections.

On route bar of this site, you will discover numerous classifications like Movies, Music, Games, Books, Software, YV, Mobile Video, Adult, Anime and so forth. It has 4 million deluge ordered from Bit torrenting system.

11. Demonoid


Demonoid is known for the vast majority of folks who like to do in their available time. The explanation for the posting of this site here in list of best torrent sites is because of its propelled elements of staying away from fakes.

The greater part of folks needs to download malware free files from sites. Along these lines, if you can’t discover site from where you can discover clean file for free, then this best torrent sites is justified regardless of an attempt.

12. Sumo Torretn

(www.sumo .in)

This is one most popular which have made its position in best torrent sites list. You can get list of best motion pictures, Music, TV Serials, Games, and Animes list and also an inquiry box which you can use to download any file.

13 Mini Nova


Mini Nova is was built up in 2005, It is not one of prominent site, but rather we can say that it is one of best websites from where you can download your most loved records effortlessly.

The best part of this site is you can likewise transfer there which is one of best component of Mini Nova which makes it one of the best torrent sites.

14. Monova


Monova is another best torrent sites which give free download. It’s fundamentally a web search engine from where you can hunt down your most loved files.

Rather than utilizing seek highlight you can likewise their browse highlight from which you can peruse in view of channels such as Latest, audio, books, games, photos, software and so on.

15. Hound

(www. hound.com)

Hound is one of best best 2017 with a normal of 2 guests for every second. This website has more than 85 lakh files and with more than 40 crore seeds. On home page you can look an at most downloaded file which contains most recent films, amusements and so on.

Hound is exceptionally best torrent sites in entire world with worldwide rank of 2071. This site has marvelous UI too. You should try this site out once.


Are you irritated of search and downloading the file you want in the internet? here we are providing this, now you are totally pleased with these best torrent sites to download any file for your personal computer utilizing these sites straight. With regards to download secure and full version files in cell laptops, then you will completely search for best torrent sites to download all full version files rapidly.

If you are like with downloading files and need to access in your computers, you will be exceptionally satisfied in the reading of this article since we have list best torrent sites to download full files for free.You don’t have to buy any file and key. Utilize these best torrent sites to download free files on the web. Presently to download your most needed file you are searching in web which is so much time consuming. In this way, here we are giving the best torrent sites download free for personal computers. These best torrent sites are giving lots of files to download for free. You can likewise choose the category and can search for the file you want.


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