How to Change Facebook username URL address after limit reach in 2017

How to Change Facebook username URL after limit reach or how to change Facebook address after  limit reach in 2016 guide you will see in this article, After share about Facebook home page sign in sign up and also best unblock Facebook proxy now we share about change Facebook vanity URL after limit. Are you one of those guys who are looking to know how they can change their facebook username easily after getting the limit in 2017? If yes, then you landed at the right place because today in this article we are going to talk about how to easily change the username of your facebook account after limit reach.

 These days everyone is looking for this trick and wants to know about the working method. There are many tricks and methods available on the internet but not all of them are working, also this guide was requested by a lot of people. So we have decided to came up with this topic, upon doing research for this article we have found an awesome and working trick to help you to change your username easily on Facebook.

Normally users are not allowed to change their username after once they are have selected and set a unique username for their account on Facebook. Actually most of the people these days on Facebook are newbie’s so most of them don’t have any idea about the features of Facebook and how they can take advantage of these features for better looking profile and impression among other people etc. If you have some unique name, nickname , product etc then you can set your custom username of facebook related to that particular stuff.

Facebook username

What is Facebook username or URL address

Now if you want to get idea or information what exactly is facebook username or URL address then you need to know that it is the unique username for users. Every social networking or membership based website provides a unique username to their users. Through using unique custom username or URL address, it will be easier for other people to find you and keep connected.

Take an example of mine profile, my username of Facebook is MahendraKumar4, if anybody want to contact me or want to communicate with me, then that person simply need to add my username after facebook.com and visit that link for contact i.e. facebook.com/mahendrakumar4 . I hope now you have got good idea/information about username and URL address of this social site and how it works and helps the users.

How to Change Facebook username URL address after limit reach in 2015

Normally it is not easier for the person to change their username once they have setup it for the first time, like first you used facebook.com/myfirstusername and now you want facebook.com/my2ndusername etc , but interesting thing is that we have found a working and useful trick that will help you in changing your facebook username easily. So if you are interested in learning or knowing this trick, then let’s get started and follow the steps mentioned below and I am pretty sure that you will find this guide useful.· Then you will need to open your page name with likes below 200

· Then choose edit page info and choose edit web address and click change web address option.

· After that enter your desired username and click on availability if it is available then choose save it and that’s it you are done.

So this is all about how you guys can change the username of your account easily in 2015 after getting limit reach. If you have any queries related to this article, feel free to ask in the comments

.First of all, you will need to log in to your account

Note – Many Time This work and Many times do not work Depend on your Luck 


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