What Is the Best Emoji App for Android to Send Silly Smiles

What Is the Best Emoji App for Android, and also Best Emoji App for iPhone, iPad to Send Silly Smiles collection today we are sharing with you, These days expressing your feelings in text format is not easier when communicating or doing instant messaging with your best friend, relative or family member or any other person. You know those people who are great with words they can express their feelings with others how they feel it.

But the real pressure comes when you have to send an important text message to another individual. Well, thanks to emoticon apps that are available and provides users multiple options to show to others how exactly they are feeling or expressing their exact feeling with others. If you are doing party and more excited, there is unique emoji for expressing this feeling.

Best Emoji Apps for Android

Top Best Emoji App for Android

For those people who are first time hearing about Emoji or don’t know what is exactly emoji is, then I would like to share that emoji is shape of emoticons that is loved by users for using in almost every instant message. Sad face, smileys face etc all these shows a different type of expressions. Now at the end you are only left with fewer options and confused how you can express your feelings without using heavy vocabulary. Well, the easiest solution is using emojies which are one of the best and fastest ways to express your feeling and easily conveying to another person in messages clearly and louder.

Important Note: Free Emoji apps are tested on various android devices running Kit Kat ROM and it seems that they are working fine and no causing any issue. Well for some other emoji app user need to have separate emoji keyboard or replacing some keyboard with emoji support.


Best Emoji Apps for Android

What Is the Best Emoji App for Android to Send Silly Smiles

So if you are one of those people who are looking for top and best emoji app collection of 2015 to send silly smiles to friends, family persons or any other person, then you are at right place. Because today we are going to share about top emoticon app to start using. Let’s get started and have a look at these amazing app which are mentioned below:

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard is an interesting app which is mainly developed by Kaka Mobile and it seems to be one of the best emojies applications for android devices. Well, the interesting thing is that this app comes with its own keyboard with some great features that make it worth using by android users. The keyboard comes with essential features is somewhat similar to a stock android keyboard. Have a look at some of the best features of emojies Keyboard android app that are mentioned below:

· More than 3000 Free Emojies available

· Tons of Emojies to use and enjoy

· Words completions and words suggestions

· Awesome keyboard having stock style

· Key feature of this app is that users can input emojis anywhere they want such as messaging, text, emails or even in words file also which is amazing.

Emoji Keyboard

Interesting thing is that this app on this list is also known as Emoji Keyboard and it is also popular in Google Play Store among android lovers who are looking for best emojies apps. The keyboard that comes with this app allows users to serve as the main keyboard as well as emoji keyboard and have word suggestions feature available. Emojies offered by this app are useful and funny and users find them more interesting. Have a look at some of the amazing features of this app mentioned below:

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· Accurate Word suggestions

· Emoji are supported almost everywhere

· Gesture slide input support

· Key feature of this app is that it allows users to easily switch between emojis dedicated keyboard as well as normal keyboard also.

Apart from these two awesome emojis applications that are available for android users, users of android platform can also take benefit of other emoji android app mentioned below:

· JapEmo

· StickerMe

· Emoji Keyboard+

Final Verdict on Emoji App for Android iPhone

So this is all about the best emojies Apps that you can use to send silly smiles to your family members, friends or any other people in 2015 for expressing or showing your exact feelings. I hope you liked this collection of apps and found it helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this post, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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