10 Movies apps for android for Free Movies websites streaming

Free Movies apps for android collection many friends needed, As we know that Free Movie websites now days very popular but nowadays app are going more popular. There are many ways to enjoy and feel entertain on the smart iPhone devices. Watching online videos, streaming, movies, horrors, thrillers, etc are one of the best ways these days to get refresh and relax from entertainment.

The article deals with the top 10 best free movie apps for iPhone in 2016. Smartphones and iPhone are the best ways of entertainment in the modern technology like while on a long trip, into the car, house-far places, etc. There are the variety of apps available on Apps store for watching free movies online but choosing one of the best ones is quite complex.

free movie apps for android

Free movies apps for android & free Movie websites streaming 

That’s why we had provided the detailed description of the top 10 best free movie apps 2016 for iPhone and other iOS devices to Unblocked Movies for free. Streaming the movies and shows online is not safe at all because sometimes it may contain malware and affect your device. Using the best movie watching apps is the only solution to it.

Most of the users are addicted to the smartphones as compared to desktops and laptops. It is difficult to hunt the best movie apps for the iOS devices. These apps are the best way to get rid of the tension and stress at any time. There are lots of apps but we had mentioned only the best one in this post. So let us read all about free movies streaming sites and also free movie website to watch movies online for free.

1. Netflix

Netflix brought to you by HBO for watching and enjoying the most amazing shows like The Sopranos, True Detective, and Games of Thrones.

HBO is one of the popular English channels worldwide offers something amazing to the iPad/iPhone lovers through this app.

It can be easily downloaded and upgraded. You only need the HBO channel subscription for watching the good and popular TV shows and extra shots behind the scenes on your hand.

Many of its features and functions are upgraded with improved infrastructure for future use.

One need to visit the App Store to download this app. There is one major limitation that it hasn’t been updated since 2013.

  • The app covers the wide range of horrors, actions and thriller shows on the platform.
  • The user will not be disappointed after using the Netflix app but it is not available for free use after the trial period.
  • This is the best example of free movie apps for iPhone and also free movie apps for iPad.
  • So using this app you can Unblocked Movies very easily if movies are blocked.



• Adds program to watchlist automatically

• the interacting user interfaces and customized features

• Big library of popular shows and featured with AirPlay


• Not updated and not available in all regions

• Rquires subscription on channel for premium users

• Not compatible with latest updates and shows

2. Playbox HD 

Playbox HD app is known for its compatible use on the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

It runs smoothly on the various ios platform versions like iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, etc.

When it comes to online movies and TV watching then Playbox HD is one of the best options to enjoy without any signup or subscription.

You cannot directly download the movies and shows directly from the app. When you open it, then you will find two options – “New” and “Hot”

  • Means two categories of different movies which you want to enjoy.
  • For enjoying the High definition and good quality audio, the user should opt this option for their iOS device.
  • Regular updates of episodes are not favorable in this app.
  • This one also the best example of free movie apps windows 8, window 10, XP and also free movie apps for iPhone 4s.

Playbox HD


• Streaming qualities up to 720p

• iOS supporting functions

• Regularly updates shows and movies.

• No server problems while watching.


• Not allows direct download of shows.

• shows loading error.

• Shows error like “Sorry”.

3. SnagFilms

SnagFilms providing free movies streaming and-and also this is also best free movie site, This app has been developed by the Indie filmmakers.

It contains the sequel list of different shows and voices which promise the great entertainment to users.

It has a large collection of the movies which are popular and haven’t released into the big screens.

It is also available for free download on the App store and can also be grabbed from the official website.

  • This app makes the use of various login procedures like Twitter, Facebook, etc and doesn’t need any type of subscription.
  • Snag Films is one of the best options for the entertainment lovers.
  • The app has very good and interacting interface with latest customized options.
  • You can use this free movie apps for windows phone.



• Good user interface

• unique design and latest movies options

• Can be subscribed through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

• No premium subscription and available for free


• All content is not available on same platform

• Lacks some signal options and playback audio problems

• Sound bugs (some users reported it irritating)

• Slow buffering and multiple ads while watching

4. Movies By Flixter

Flixter app has been updated to use AirPlay to stream content to the Apple ios device and directly connected to the Apple live TV.

Movies by Flixster is one of the most popular and best apps for live streaming of favorite programs and clips.

It not only allows you to watch online shows and but also gives full control to download the movies to the ios device.

Users can easily create the “must-see-list” of the favorite shows and movies with this app.

  • It is best option to enjoy the online streaming with your friends.
  • It contains the large collection of Ultraviolet movies.
  • The app can be directly downloaded freely from the App Store.
  • It is also available for the various other operating system platforms for direct download.
  • This also best free movie apps for mac.

Movies By Flixter


• Linked to the AirPlay with Apple TV

• HD quality shows and easily managed

• regular updates with popular shows


• Doesn’t contain variety of movies or library

• Annoying pop-up ads while streaming

• Takes reviews only from one website

• No ultraviolet titles support

5. Hulu Plus

Hulu is popular free movie website also providing free movie streaming to watch movie online.

Whenever you need to catch the new shows and popular episodes then must use the Hulu Plus.

This app has been considered as the best rival of the Netflix and Movies By Flixster app on the iOS operating system.

The smart app with the new TV shows and supports various TV channel streaming. Once you start using it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Hulu Plus will be available for free use for one week.
  • After then it will ask for subscription and costs around $7.99 a month.
  • Users will surely enjoy this amazing app during the trial period.
  • The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, etc are various acclaimed shows of the app.
  • Hulu Plus is a mix combination of all the shows at one place.
  • If you are a movies/shows lover then you should have this app on your device.



• Resume watching online streaming

• watch through 3G, 4G, and Wifi

• Great expanded library of old and new shows

• very classic theme and interface


• Annoying pop-up ads in between online watching

• Requires subscription after the trial month

• lacks many basic entertainment options

• Delay in the Hulu Plus posting

6. Watch ABC

This app has been released by the ABC network last year and it had received a good response from many iPhone lovers during the period. Since its launch, ABC had made the various improvements into it to offer the best product to the users. It is a handy app if you are a resident of United State cities. Watch ABC app has the great feature in it known as live stream for local program streaming at anyplace.

Watch ABC

  • This feature makes this app quite different from other ones.
  • You can easily handle the app with various interesting feature like captioning, quality, resume, save, etc.
  • This app also available for download on App Store.
  • This app runs very smoothly and quickly on the iOS devices. This app does not contain any bug while buffering.


Includes information on weather and sports

allows resume and watch options with the nice interface

Supports the “appointment viewing” feature


Sometimes doesn’t allow to download programs

Needs cable installation for best use

Not optimized for the iOS 7.0+ versions

One needs the proper internet connection.

7. ShowBox

ShowBox very popular app. If you want to watch the free television programs and shows then add this app to the top of the list. If offers free services of watching online videos and live streaming of the TV programs. It is one of the well-known iOS gadget these days. The latest teasers and trailers get fast updated on this app when launched. This app has one major limitation that it shows the error ““Video, not Available try Another Server”. The app offers various security options too. It is the worth option to download the ShowBox Apk app for quality entertainment.



  • Comes under Free movie apps category
  • Requires no subscription for full access control
  • Very attracting user interface and options
  • Disadvantages:
  • Shows server problems sometimes
  • Updates do not work
  • Video stops loading at anytime
  • Bugs during installation

8. Crackle

Crackle is one of the free app available for online streaming to the iPhone device. It is an ability to watch a rotating feel of Seinfeld shows. Also supports the Airplay which allows iOS users to enjoy and watching anything on Apple TV at any time? The high-quality streaming with Crackle makes it feel enjoy while watching. Generally, new shows, episodes, and movies are added after a month gap.

  • The app is specially optimized for the iPad and iPhone lovers.
  • The annoying ads in between watching makes users irritate.
  • One not needs to create any account or signup for watching the videos online on this app.


classic views and high-quality watching without any bugs

Live programming and exclusive shows

No need to create account


Low quality when slow internet

Annoying ads in between the watching

Less list of shows/episodes

9. Flipps TV

Flipps delivers the 100+ channels to its users which include popular channels like Obscure Sports, B Movies, etc. It is available for both Android and iOS users. It also gives TV remote control access and many interesting features. The app can be downloaded directly free from the iTunes and Play Store. One need to subscribe to the premium version which costs $3 for the High Definition (HD) quality. It can be called a smart TV in your hand.


  • The popular titles are The Mermaids of Tiburon,
  • The Slime People, and The Bride and the Beast.
  • The service is connected to more than 250 million connected televisions worldwide.
  • There are millions of users which use this app daily on their device to get quick relief from stress.


More than 100 channels

popular shows and TV programs

compatible with Xbox One sets or Apple TV


You have to pay monthly for watching HD quality videos

Expensive app as compared to other services

Can’t enjoy this app socially

10. Viewster

Viewster was founded in the year 2007. It is known worldwide for the global video on demand service on the smartphone devices. The company is headquartered in Singapore. It is one most popular app worldwide for live streaming. The best thing about the app that it is ad-free supported. If you are a serial lover and watch TV’s regularly then this app would be the worth option for iPad users.


  • Viewster app is most popular in the European regions.
  • The Documentaries, Horror, Thrillers, Trailers gets available instantly on this app.
  • The premium movie series are available free on this platform for online streaming at any time.


• Watch free movies anytime

• Ad-free supported service

• Various level of entertainment options


• Limited Number of TV shows

• Old user Interface

• 201 load stream error

There are many other best movie apps available on the Apps store to download for free which requires no signup and no ads but above we had selected and mentioned popular ones which are good and accepted worldwide.

We not saying to check and do

Unblocked movies

Note – using this above apps you can Unblocked movies very easily without any problem, These are the free available services but one needs to do the subscription to premium for full access and features. If you know any other best iOS apps for online streaming then let us know through your valuable comment below. Keep follow us for more latest updates about Free movies apps for iPhone and also free Movie websites. d9wnload all of them. Just download any one of them and enjoy it on your iPhone device.

Final Verdict about  free Movie websites with best movies streaming Sites

The mentioned above are the top 10 best free movies apps for iPhone. The above list is the top rated apps for iOS operating system devices. You can enjoy various popular shows for entertainment at any time like drama, comedy, action, Hollywood movies, etc.


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