How To Get free Unlimited Gems for Azar with Azar for PC, Mobile

How To Get free Unlimited Gems for Azar and also how to install Azar for PC, Computer, Laptop, iPhone, Android mobile phone, Window mobile phone and also many Azar tips and tricks your can get from here. As we know that with the application market being updated with more and more apps with each and every passing day, a new app has been introduced into the app market that allows you to connect with your near and dear ones. This is one of the most popular apps these days.

Azar is one of those apps that will enable you to have video conversations with the other users of the app.Through this app, you can find as many friends as you want. Only by sitting in your home, you can explore the world and the people living in different parts of your country and different countries as well.

It provides you everything in your phone itself. Meeting someone through a video chat becomes very easier with the help of the app called Azar. Through Azar, you can also get to know the different languages and cultures by communicating with people from various parts of not just your own country but all over the world. It is one of those means that gives you the fastest mode of communication.

Azar Video Chat app

Earlier, prior to talking to a person, people checked the profile of other person to know and understand them better, but with this app you can directly ping the other person and have a chat with them and understand them very well by their way of communication, their facial expressions and body language through a video call.

Many a times, it also happens that people tend to create a fake profile and intend to be someone they are not, just to talk to others but with the help of the app Azar, people get to know the real person by having conversations and video calls for real. It is a friendly app. Lets know more about How To Get free Unlimited Gems for Azar and many tips and tricks.

 Azar Features:

– It is one of the most user-friendly apps.

– It avails video calling with the help of a good data connection, 3G/4G and on a wi-fi connection.

– You can add as many friends as you want in your friend list and have endless conversations and video calls with them.

– It helps you to filter and adjust the friend discovery criteria.

– You can also get a chance to earn coins if you make more and more amount of new friends.

– You can search a person with the help of Ids too.

– With the help of different and various video effects and filters, you can make yourself and the conversation fun.

– It provides you the facility of signing in to the app with the help of your Facebook account.

– You can also purchase gems in order to get more amount of filters and function that makes the app more attractive and advanced.

– It gives you the facility of free video calling.

– It gives you approximately 1 million users in just 10 weeks which is more than Instagram as well.

– You can switch from one conversation to another conversation through this app.

– It is the most used app for the purpose of meeting new people.

– You can also purchase additional gems from the shop or else you can also earn new gems by helping the team of Customer service by reporting any kind of abuse to the app.

The major drawback of this app is that if an individual wants to meet someone from the opposite sex then they will have to pay, whereas seeing the profile of someone from the same sex is free.

This means that if a guy is interested and wants to meet a woman then he will have pay from his pocket, which is normal in a real setting.

How To Get free Unlimited Gems

1. How to download Azar on Personal Computer (PC)or Azar for Windows PC?

There are two methods to download this video chatting app on your PC.

Azar app can be downloaded from Bluestacks.

  • Firstly, download Bluestacks on your laptop as it one of the best android emulators.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, install it on your PC.
  • After it gets installed, go to the search bar that in on the top left the corner of the home page and type Azar. Then click on install.
  • Once the app is installed, you will find the app on the bluestacks home page.

The second method of downloading this app on your PC is that you can directly download the apk file from Google.

  • Open the browser and search for Azar.apk, download the apk file onto your personal computer(PC).
  • Double click on the Azar.apk file or give a right click and select open with blue stacks pk installer.
  • After a few seconds, the app can be installed successfully on to your PC.
  • After the app is installed, open the home page of bluestacksemulater, click on all apps, click on the Azar app and you can start video chatting with your new friends.

2. How to download Azar on Android?

Users of an android phone can download the Azar video chatting app through Google Play Store where all the others applications are made available to the individual users for downloading and usage.

3. Howto download Azar on Mac?

Installing an app on a Mac is not similar and simple as compared to other modes, as users of Mac can download and use apps that are made available to them on the iTunes,

if a particular app is not available on iTunes the users can visit a Mac application’s website to directly download the application from the developer and you’ll probably get a DMG file.

A DMG file is a disk image, which is like an archive file when you download one; you can double-click on it and mount it allowing the user to extract the application from inside it.

This video chat app is designed by Hyperconnected Incorporated and the app is made available to for Mac users through iTunes.

4. How to download Azar on Windows Phone or Azar for Windows phone?

Like android phones even windows phone have their inbuilt application store where they can look through various apps available for them to download and use. The users of windows phone can search for Azar video chat app in their Windows Phone Store and can install it and use it.

5. How to download Azar on an iPhone or Azar for iPhone

  • When it comes to iPhone, the most frequently asked questions are regarding the installing of various applications onto the phone. Users of iPhone download their applications from the iTunes store.
  • The user needs to first click on the App store, then tap on the search icon and search for the app that you would like to download
  • , then the click on the app intended to download, then you are taken to page where it shows the ‘install app’,
  • Tap on the install app and type in your apple password and at last you will exit the page.

Taken to the application once it is successfully downloaded, ready for you to use. Azar video chat app is downloaded in the same manner through iTunes.

6. How to download Azar on a Blackberry?

Many of the Blackberry phones have the qwerty keypad and they also do not have a front camera to video chat. But with arrival of new technology and latest trends in the mobile market even blackberry came up with new variations like the Blackberry Z series, Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Leap, Blackberry Classic, Blackberry Priv, Blackberry Q series, etc., which provide features that are in sync with the latest trends in the mobile market.

Users of Blackberry install applications on to their device through the Blackberry World.

  • To download apps from the Blackberry World you need to have Blackberry App World installed on to your handset.
  • Open the Blackberry App World and browse for an app that you want to download. Click on the intended application and view its details.
  • Scroll down to download and press the option. The application will then be installed on to your phone and it will be ready to use.

The Azar video chat app is downloaded by the Blackberry users through the Blackberry App World.


Many users of the Azar video chat app have appreciated the app and they like it as they get to meet and interact with people from different cities, countries and cultures. It results in building a huge social network for individuals. Users have found the app genuine and interesting as they get to interact with people from around the world and they have good friends and companions in them. They have also loved the various features that the application provides that make the conversation interesting for them.

Though there are positive reviews of the app there are a few problems that users have faced while using the video chat app. Many users have found the app to be expensive, as users have to pay to meet and interact with new people; they are not willing to spend so much toward it. Few users have all complained regarding the people of few regions not being available for them to interact with.

How To Get free Unlimited Gems for Azar with secret Tips Tricks

The app does not operate on few mobile phones. Users also feel the interaction period for a certain amount of money is not enough.

Users have found the app complicated in terms of earning gems to interact with people, they have not understood the concept.

Many individuals find people inappropriate to interact with which leads to a bad experience and not using the app again and most of the time the people to interact with are repeated which also leads to the bad rating of the app.

  1. As we know using Gems We can’t select any specific Country.
  2. So without gems, we can’t meet more peoples from other countries.
  3. As we know mostly Azar buddies are connecting with us from the similar location.
  4. But using android VPN we can set our location which we need.
  5. So just download any free or paid android smart  phone VPN and Fake your Location.
  6. Just select your location using VPN and connect with any specific countries friends.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy this Azar Tricks guild, Now you can enjoy free Azar many premium features.


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