Top 13 Best Free Cool lock screen apps for Android Mobile Phone

Lock screen apps for android phone new best collection you might be searching. Do you looking for the best lock screen apps for Android in 2017? Android is one of the famous operating system and user interface for smartphones. More than millions of users are addicted to it. Every year many new apps and updates come in markets for Android. In this post, we had listed the top best free lock screen apps for Android in 2017.

They are free and easy to download on your Android device. Peoples often search over internet for the latest or updated list of lock screen apps. This is the right place when you will get the solution to your query. Peoples widely use screen lock apps on their smart device.

  Cool lock screen apps for android

Free Android Lock Screen apps 

You can upgrade the lock screen app to smart and beautiful home start home. You can easily customize the widgets on the start phone without any settings options. These are also focused on the visuals, designs, and attractive interface.If you are bored from the classic design of your Lock screen app then you must upgrade its standard one.

Here is the detailed list of top best free lock screen apps for Android in 2017. You can directly download any one of them directly from the Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can check the time, date, calendar and important notification by just checking the home of your smart device. It is one of the best apps for those who don’t wear a watch on his wrist. In other words, we can say that Lock screen apps help us to access the different options in a single click like camera ready, contacts, time, etc.

Top 10 Best Free Cool lock screen apps for android Mobile Phone 

This gives Android screens protection and attractive home. The new collection of lock screen apps is given in this post which are free to download from Google Play Store. The main advantage of ”Cool lock screen apps for android” is that it provides multiple options to customize the home scree and safe the data notifications.

Lock Screen apps also give privacy to information and protection of data. It is difficult to find the best lock screen apps in 2017 because there are lots of such apps available on Google Play Store.

No.1 – AcDisplay

It is one of the free apps which is out of competition. It is considered is the best tool for lock screen feature on Android devices. This app has attractive interface with minimal design. It shows the important messages and send notifications when the home is black and locked.

Features –

  1. AcDiaplay offers low priority notifications settings and dynamic background tools.
  2. The apps comes with in-built application in Android devices and it is a worth option to try it on your phone.
  3. It is a free app lock screen service for Android operating system. You can directly download it from Google Play Store.



No.2 – Dashclock Widget

It is yet another free Android lock screen app. Actually, it is not a lock screen but works good for the same purpose. It can be used as a widget to receive all notifications (weather, time, message) and call on your home screen. It has ton of interesting features and extensions to app.

Features –

  1. There is one major disadvantage of the Dashclock Widget is that it not works on the latest Android versions.
  2. There is no latest update released in app.
  3. The widget works slow but it works perfectly for those who do not want to use lock screen app on their device.

No.3 – Echo Notification Lockscreen

It is a good one app for lock screen on Android phones. It offers good experience and easy tasking on device to your notifications. The Echo Notification features include your notifications, smart alerts, security and call settings.

Features –

  1. It works fine on all Android versions but not yet updated to the Android Lollipop version.
  2. You can also customize the lock screen option through settings and unlock the pro version.
  3. It is a free app available on Google Play but to access its pro version, you need to pay $4.49.
  4. This app has option to customize the notifications into groups.

Echo Notification

Echo Notification Lockscreen

No.4 – Holo Locker

This is a smart app for Android lock screen. It is also available in two versions free and paid. The free version will allow you only lock screen feature but to feel some great experience you must try paid version. It works smoothly on Android’s Jelly Bean and Kit kat version.

Features –

  1. Holo Locker is fast, quick and smart for the lock screen purpose.
  2. Some users complained that it has bugs on the device and sometimes works slow for the purpose.
  3. The overall rating of the Holo Locker application is good and it has some functionality features in it.

Holo Locker

Holo Locker

No.5 – Hi Locker

HiLocker is a commonly used lock screen app for Android devices. It is easy to configure and customize. You can set up pin or security pattern to home. It means that your data and notifications will invisible and provide you the privacy. Hi Locker also displays calendar, notifications, android display, etc. You can customize the settings and functional option “What’s Next”. One can allow user to bypass the available password.

Features –

  • The app also has feature Wallpaper Effect which allows you to change the background wallpaper on the lock screen.
  • You can also download the latest updates from the official website.
  • It is best and handy lock screen apps for Android OS in 2017.

Hi Locker

No.6 – Snap Lock Smart Lock Screen

SnapLock is the simple, amazing and interesting app for the lock screen for Android users. The notifications easily get available on home. It provides a stylish iPhone keypad. You can lock the device using pin code through Android style pattern lock.

Features –

  • SnapLock Smart Lock Screen displays the individual information on home.
  • It is one of the free apps available in 2017.
  • If you are looking for smart lock screen apps on Android device then SnapLock would be the worth option to try.
  • The side panel tool in this application will help you to search and schedule the data and events.

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen 

No.7 – ZUI Locker Elegant

It is one of the elegant lock screen available on Google Play Store. It has unique design lockers for homepage. The auto update feature is very attractive in this app. One can get the HD wallpapers on screen display. ZUI Locker also has gravity sensor functions.

Features –

  • The app has good interface and different stylish themes.
  • The HD graphics will make you feel something different on your Android device.
  • It is available for free download from Google Play Store.
  • To access full features of ZUI Locker Elegant, you need to be a paid version.

ZUI Locker Elegant

No.8 – Go Locker

This app has gained good ratings from users. It is being used by more than 100 million users on Android devices for lock screen. This app provides huge collection of themes for the homescreen and stylish widgets options. It has phone settings option on the screen and many shortcut application.

Features –

  1. This makes the application quickly and easy to use.
  2. Users can also customize the theme according to their desire.
  3. This is one of the best lock screen app for Android operating system in current days.
  4. Go Locker is available for free on the Google Play Store to download and install.
  5. You will not need to worry about the privacy after installing this app on your phone.

Go Locker 

No.9 – Locker Master

It is yet another best lock screen app which comes with HD themes and customization options. You can directly check the messages and missed calls directly from the home.

It will reduce the multi-steps process and allow you to quickly access the required details.

Features –

  1. The social notifications like facebook, twitter, email, etc will also appear directly on phone’s home screen.
  2. You can check various themes and designs in the app.
  3. This app is popular in the list of lock screen app for Android in 2016.
  4. You can customize your own style on screen through Locker Master app.

Locker Master 

No.10 – Slidelock Locker

This is stylish lock screen app which shows notification on the home. In this app, you have to swipe right to unlock and swipe left when you need to open the camera. You can also use the swipe fuction for opening the notifications. Sidelock Locker is a very handy app and easy to use. Camera and media bar will also available on the screen.

Features –

  1. You can go to settings directly from the home for customization of the options in the app.
  2. Slidelock Locker is available on Google Play Store for free download.
  3. You can also check the guide about installation on Android platform.

No.11 – Unlock Your Brain

This app will not only lock your screen on Android but also make you learn something new. It is a genius app which is based on some tricky calculations and ideas.

Users will have to solve some type of math and questions to unlock the screen. You just need to swipe suitable and correct answers for each questions.

Features –

  1. This will increase your learning speed and calculation.
  2. This is the app from which you can learn many new things.
  3. This will expand your knowledge and strengthen your maths skills.
  4. UnlockYourBrain will unlock 90% power of your brain.
  5. It is also available for direct download on Google Play Store.


No.12 – Joy Locker

It is a standard free locker app for the Android devices. It has a huge collection of many interesting and attractive wallpapers. You can easily set and customize the home settings. It is a free personalization app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Features –

  • It provides you good security and privacy options.
  • It is an interesting tool which has many options to attract and busy users.
  • If you are bored from old lock screen apps then you must try Joy Locker app for your Android device.

Joy Locker 

No.13 – Locket Lock Screen

The locket is also a free lock screen app available for Android devices. It allows users to share and see contents to the right of the lock screen window. It is an intelligent lock screen app and brings your device to next level. You can easily move the files on the screen.

Features –

  1. It is more than a lock screen app which offering many features to Android users.
  2. You must grab it if you are looking for some smart lock screen tool for a device.
  3. It is available in both free and paid version on Google Play Store.
  4. You must go for the trial version with Locket Lock screen.

Locket Lock Screen

Final Verdict on Cool lock screen apps for android Smartphone

The above provided is the list of top best free lock screen apps for Android in 2017. The apps are available on Google Play Store for free download. You just need to download and then install it. Lock Screen apps will also provide you many other interesting customization options including HD themes. There are many free android lock screen apps available in market.

If you also know any good lock screen application for Android then let us know through your valuable response. If you have any query related to the topic about best lock screen apps for Android then post your valuable comment below.


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