Top 9 Free Prank Call Websites for Fun with Your Friends

Free Prank Call Websites for free Prank Calls To Your Friends really amazing, If you are you searching free prank call website then hope this post will sure help you. A prank call is also called a crank call is a phone practical joke. Prank telephone calls started to pick up an overall after since the innovation of phones, as they turned into a staple of the dark and entertaining tape tapes exchanged among artists, sound specialists, and media brokers.

Among the most renowned and most punctual recorded trick calls are the Tube Bar trick calls tapes. Entertainer Jerry Lewis was a hopeless telephone prankster, and recordings of his dating and perhaps prior, still course right up till today. In the not so distant past, Prank calling comprised of a room brimming with exhausted youngsters, a rotational phone, and a phone directory flipped open to the pizza delivery segment of the Yellow Pages. You had picked straws to pick who went to start with, and afterward alternate seeing who could make the most amusing prank call.

 Free Prank Call Websites for Prank

Prank call ideas

For some children, making prank calls is only a piece of growing up. For grown-ups, prank calling friends is a truly fun approach to staying in contact with individuals hilariously. Then again, these services likewise permit individuals extra obscurity and security – which makes it more agreeable to traverse a risky line.

Actually, a few things can get you captured in numerous nations – for example, scrabble calling 911 or the police, bringing in bomb dangers and undermining or irritating individuals.

Only this year, a young kid was captured by the FBI for frank calling bomb dangers to North Carolina schools so as to close them down for a day. In this way, prank calls are fun, however, recollect to utilize sound judgment at whatever point utilizing any of these free destination.

Prank call numbers

If you and your friends are the kinds that likes to poke a little fun at each other, using the prank call websites to make prank calls to your friends is give them an awesome fun laugh.

On the off chance that you are searching for some finest alternatives to make fun of your friends then prank call can be the immense decision.

It got to be prominent among adolescents in this way numerous prank call websites have built up their own particular prank call situation to offer more fun with your people. Here we have listed the 9 Free Prank Call interesting Websites for making prank calls.

Free Prank Call Websites for Prank

Top 9 Free Prank Call Websites for Prank Calls To Your Friends

Be that as it may, the fast progression of VOIP innovation has prompted a fascinating mix between the Internet and phone lines. That reconciliation now gives adolescents prank call websites and other Internet advancements that make prank calls less demanding and more mysterious, as well as even totally automated.

On the off chance that you consider how making a call from a VOIP application like Skype works, this procedure is much the same. When you dial a landline number from Skype, your call goes through what’s called an IP door that exchanges information from the Internet to phone systems.

Actually, more telephone organizations are changing over to IP telephony, making the whole line in the middle of landlines and VOIP significantly more dubious. Make use of covers VOIP advancements frequently, for example, finding the Cheapest VOIP calling rates or on The Best Sites For Making International Telephone.

Another angle to VOIP is applications where as opposed to starting the call yourself, you have the PC do it for you. Furthermore, at whatever point you have the PC do anything, a whole universe of conceivable outcomes open up, for example, planning or playing music or funny sounds and voices.

1. Bored.com


One of the easiest websites for making prank calls is the Bored site, which is basically a website for exhausted individuals, loaded with categories such as games, videos, and humor.

Under the Dump category, this site provides this tool where you can enter the telephone number to call, the number that you need to appear on Caller ID, and what you need the robotized message to say.

When you submit the data, this site’s data framework puts a VOIP phone call to the number that you determined. The system uses content to voice technology, because of that when your friend answers the prank call your message is rehashed in a digitized voice.

There are a couple of things to observe here; initially, this specific device permits you to make only 3 a day from your IP address in any case, and second, don’t significantly try writing in any indecent or curse words – profanity is sifted and your call won’t be made.

This website could be a mob for a gathering of friends who infrequently need to shoot a prank call to one another containing some inside joke or truly amusing quote.

2. PrankDial 


Presently, on the off chance that you truly don’t have time to assemble your very own sound record, This is a fun choice. It’s likewise one of only a handful few free services that offer non-US service to choose nations.

You should simply choose one of the scrabble and sort in the telephone number that you need the service to call. The scrabble range from different song tunes to some really hilarious clips.

One of the funniest clips you found in this decent choice is one called David after the Dentist. Generally, the clip is a sound of this 9 or 10-year-old child who simply left the dental specialist’s office.

Despite everything, he groping somewhat tranquilized – potentially either from the Novocain or snickering gas. The child truly begins to go nuts.

At first, he just says, I see two fingers. Approve now I see four fingers. I can’t see anything and then, he lets out an ear part fit of anxiety shout that – I’m telling the total truth here – had me on the floor in fastens for an entire ten minutes. This is most amusing clip ever.

3. MyPhoneBlaster


In the event that an automated voice perusing off your message simply doesn’t cut it for you, then think about MyPhoneBlaster, as a free service that gives you a chance to send an MP3 sound document to somebody’s telephone number. The sound document can be anything by any stretch of the imagination, from a tune clasp to a voice recording that you make yourself.

The main restrictions for the free shooting this website are that the records should be under 8MB and the call will just permit 30-second clips.

Actually, think a half minute is all that could possibly be needed to gather a clever MP3 that a friend will get a kick out of. Many of us have a couple of friends who might truly get a kick out of a 30-second clip from the TV shows, or from the TV show King of the Hill. Obviously, then they’d promptly know it’s from me.

4. Wakerupper 


Another strategy individuals use to make prank calls the Internet is by utilizing one of the numerous free callback services, for example, that have sprung up all around the Internet since the time that free VOIP calling got to be practical and well known. One of those is Wakerupper, which is a considerable measure like the robotized prank call website over that utilized a digitized voice, aside from with this site you can plan the call sooner or later.

While the service was expected as a device individuals can use to schedule wishes or to remind yourself around an essential arrangement, clearly it can likewise be utilized as a free prank call website that how about we you plan precisely when the call will be put.

This is flawless on the off chance that you have friends who are in various time zones and truly don’t have any desire to shoot an Internet prank call and wake them up in the midnight. There is fun, and afterward, there’s out and out discourteous.

5. Prank Owl


Presently you can undoubtedly send free prank calls to your loved ones individuals with the assistance of this famous prank call website. You can see three steps when you enter into this website which will manage you to make a prank call on the off chance that you are a new user.

You can make your own particular user name and password to create an account with prank owl. A rundown of sound scrabble is accessible which you can send to your wanted one from any caller ID or telephone number.

Send cleverly, automated sound prank calls to your loved ones everywhere across the world. The call can be recorded permitting you to listen to the outcomes.

Power two friends to accidentally call one another and listen to the results with this prank site features. Fake your caller ID and decide to show up as though it’s originating from any number you need.

6. Wacky Prank Calls 


It is a free prank call website that provides entertaining with pre-recorded voices to send your friends. It is very unique in relation to different sites since you need to enter this number 09051050000 to play a prank call.

In the event that you dial this number, you will get directions on the most proficient method to make a call and you need to tail it to have a fabulous time. You can hear the discussion energetic other than recording it and your number will be secured on this website.

Have you ever needed to play a Telephone wind up approach a companion, however, were excessively anxious about them finding out. Wacky Prank Calls has a comical choice of wind-ups you can play on your companions, family or any other individual you think merits it.

Listen in furtively as we call your victim furthermore, play the Wind-Up on them. You can yell, shout or chuckle. They will never know it’s you.

These extraordinary Prank Calls are so persuading and practical, it will even react to what your victim says and act simply like a genuine individual would. These now and again allude to as the wind up shouting.

7. Comedy Calls


This site is a fun site which permits the client to shout pretty much any telephone number with an assortment of scrabble, jokes and other substance discover entertaining or helpful.

The web site began with the now great Rick Roll prank and has developed into what it is today, with different dialer destinations, a broad exhibit of substance to send, and a great deal more to come. On the first day of April Fools, 2008 Comedy rick rolled over 30,000 individuals and has set a huge number of  shouting subsequent to.

This is the best website for the prank call that permits you to make utilization of inexhaustible pre-recorded prank calls to play around with your friends. With the assistance of search library highlight, you can send funny stuff to your friends from the different classifications accessible in it. You have to get the shouting credits to welcome this site.

8. Phone Losers 


You have to fill the discussion form that contains information such as name, the number to shouting, and so on which you need to fill on the off chance that you need to make prank calls for nothing.

It permits you to make initial three shouting as free and after that, you have to pay for every shouting. Other than scrabble you can get different classes like music, games, recordings, test and television shows to have a fabulous time.

On this website you will locate your most loved scrabble by the Phone Losers of America. Every segment here contains only 3 prank calls, yet includes connections to numerous more prank with the same subject as that area, for example, site Wal-Mart scrabble, complainer scrabble and Foursquare stalking scrabble.

9. Easy Prank 


This is an awesome free prank call web site that allows you to have lots of fun with your friends. When you enter the Easy Prank site you can see the lists of scrabble accessible under the scrabble classification like administration shouting, quit me, absolutely marvelous review, and etc.

Under every one there are two alternatives, for example, review and send prank, you can pick the fancied one to make the most of your moment. You can likewise record the discussion that you made with your friend and can even download it.

A prank call is an extraordinary approach to ridicule your friends. Prank are basic in youngsters, however, numerous sites have taken this an indent high by acquainting incredible components with make it a good time for grown-ups as well. Be careful that prank can arrive you stuck in an unfortunate situation and make sure you know the way of your friend before prank calling.


Now and again, the scrabble can turn out badly so understand the way of your friend and him/her. Truth be told, making is only a piece of experienced childhood in children, however, numerous grown-ups make funny brings in a clever way and gets into inconvenience.

So acknowledge; prank calls are only for entertainment only and recollect utilizing your sound judgment at whatever point utilizing prank call sites. That is it, friends, these are the best prank call sites then why you are holding up, visit these sites and mess around with your family and friends. On the off chance that you have any past prank call.


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