How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Easy Step by Step Guide

How to unblock someone on facebook and also how do you unblock someone on Facebook complete guide today we are sharing with you. Most of the people try to know or look for trick of unblocking someone or learning how to unblock someone on Facebook. Just like most of the people search on the internet about how they can unblock the social networking websites such as Fb or any others on Facebook, they also want to know about the blocking someone. Few of the people requested us to write an article on this topic and we have decided to write a detailed guide today.

As you know that Fb is known as one of the most popular and well known social networking website on the internet and most of the people are actually taking advantage of this website for sharing their feelings, pictures, sending messages etc and for communicating purposes and promotion of their business as well. The main features of this social networking website mainly include audio and video calling, facebook pages, facebook groups and many more others etc. You can use this website for keeping in contact with your family members, relatives and friends.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Easy Step by Step Guide

Sometimes it happens with you that you added someone on Facebook and he/she misbehaved with you and due to his/her attitude you don’t want to be his/her friend on Facebook, then you are doing the right thing. Also sometimes someone from your friend list says inappropriate or abusive stuff for your beloved one or family members then at such stages you should directly need to block that particular person on Facebook.

How you can unblock your friend after even when you have started ignoring them? Unblocking is actually not allowing the other person to check or keep an eye on your events, videos, pictures, updates, profile or timeline. Well on Fb, most of the ladies get abusive messages and other stuff from other boys then they should need to try out block feature and block them. Seriously I love this feature and whenever somebody annoys me I simply block such people.

How do you unblock someone on facebook

Well, unblocking and blocking are two most popular features of Fb social networking website. In the life of someone using Fb, it happens that due to some issues you want your friend or any other person or may be stranger get blocked and not allowing them to check your FB profile or FB timeline for getting updates about you. And after a certain period of time, you want to allow them again get access to your FB timeline to get updates, videos from your timeline and can also message you, then at certain stages, you need to take advantage of unblock feature of Fb.

If you have blocked some person on FB due to some specific reason or temporarily or due to the mistake and again you want to them to message you and keep contacted with you, then you should need to unblock them so that they can keep updated about your updates, can communicate with you for sending text messages.

Also, it might happen that, he/she that misbehaved with you and want to sorry for his/her mistake and want you to add him again, then to send him a friend request, first you will have to unblock that person on facebook.

How do I unblock someone on facebook

If you are one of those people who are looking for the method on how to unblock someone on Facebook then you are at right place. Because today in this article we are sharing the step by step procedure to help you in this process. So without wasting any time, let’s get started and have a look at this guide shared below:

· First of all you will need to click on shortcut icon of privacy showing at the right corner of Facebook.

· Then you will need to select “How to stop someone from bothering me”

· After that choose or select View all blocked user option.

· Now you will be able to see the list of all the people whom you blocked recently. In order to unblock, click on unblock option showing next to that particular person name.

That’s it you are completely done and you have successfully unblocked your friend on Fb from your computer/PC easily.

As you know that there are many internet users who access Facebook through their mobile accounts and recent researches says that Fb is mostly used by mobile users. Therefore, we have decided to share this thing I mean unblocking someone on FB from mobile so that if you are accessing FB from the mobile phone, then you can try this method. Follow the simple and easy steps given below:

how to unblock someone from Facebook

· First of all login to your Facebook profile

· Then go to your profile and click on top right security option showing at the Facebook bar.

how to Unblock Someone on Facebook

· Then you need to select settings and from there click on blocking option.

· After that click on view all blocked users and click on unblock to unblock specific person you want.

how to Unblock Someone on Facebook

. Just select that use and click on Unblock and confirm that.

Unblock Someone on Facebook


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