12 Top Best Weird Websites 2017 on The internet to watch

Weird websites or weird al website very interesting to get fun on internet. Internet is being used by many of the people for many purposes. Now days, web is being used for many activities. It gives more informative stuff, knowledge, entertainment, education and many.

Weird Websites 2016

Top Best Weird Websites 2017 on The internet to watch

Now, we will observe some best weird websites that are watched out by a lot of people. Some of these are extremely funny and some of these are strange. Go through them to know more. Lets know about funny websites, cool websites and also something different strange websites on the internet.


Visit Creepypasta : http://www.creepypasta.com/

Creepypasta is the most popular website and not that quite a bit of different as it is more on the frightening side of the Web. Creepypasta is as a general rule an aggregation of many short stories that can be discovered somewhere else on the web and it is just design is to alarm, stun, and monstrosity out its clients. In a word, it’s the Internet’s attempt to tease you far from yet another custom; many people used to listen the spooky stories by the grandmother. We specially suggest it for Halloween night. By visiting Creepypasta you will be finding a new experience.

Weird Websites 2016

2. patience-is-a-virtue.org

Visit patience-is-a-virtue.org : http://www.patience-is-a-virtue.org/

This is patient testing website. We will suggest you to certainly not visit this site on the basis that it will do to you precisely what it was intended for: irritate you to the point where you need to toss your tablet out the window of your fifth-floor flat. So far as that is concerned, regardless of the fact that you’re the patient sort yet have a slow internet connection then your nerves and quietness will be genuinely tested as you will sit tight for very nearly a century and a day until this page completely stacks.


Visit timecube.com: http://timecube.com/

This website is particularly for students to offer reasons to bunk the college. Truly, in case you’re the sort of geek who despises clubs, girls, and games and is always searching for a definitive test in astronomy, math, syntax, or even sanity, then you will generally likely add this strange site to your Favourites’ list.


Visit godhatesshrimp.com : http://godhatesshrimp.com/

Godhateshrip is the variety name that ever heard. This site is about religious traditions and customs yet in a generous way. Visit the site to know what it is? And how it is weird.

4. isitchristmas.com  

Visit isitchristmas.com: https://isitchristmas.com/

Is it Christmas? This site will give you a plain reply, a huge no, with the exception of, obviously, in the event that you check it on December 25th. This website is ideal for anybody with Alzheimer’s infection, no date-book on his portable workstation or in his home, and every one of the on edge peeps who can hardly wait to see Santa climbing down their fireplace once again. No!

5. mockery.org/notmensa/

Visit mockery.org/notmensa/ : http://mockery.org/notmensa/

This parody website of the first Mensa club of individuals with altogether high IQs is the computerized paradise for every one of those individuals who take pride in their absence of smarts and scholarly expertise. Thus, in the event that you see yourself as sufficiently unintelligent to join the interplanetary society for the idiotic who are additionally pleased with their low IQs, you should simply join this club.

6. heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

Visit heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com : http://heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com/

What is this word “heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa” means? It was He-Man singing. This is one of the annoying website with continuous singing of a he-man. Some of the people like this. The song is most disturbing. Few people opinions that the song is YouTube’s National Anthem!. Visit this site to know more.

7. zombo.com

Visit : http://zombo.com/

A man who sounds like Shaka Zulu or a shaman invites you to the site over and over or, to be more precise, he invites you constant and consoles you that “It is a great day” for you and you will have the capacity to accomplish each goal you’ve set essentially on the basis that you’re amazing. This is complete motivational site to bring up your passion.

8. scp-wiki.net  

Visit: http://www.scp-wiki.net/

The SCP Foundation works stealthily and around the world, past purview, enabled and depended by each significant national government with the undertaking of containing odd items, substances, and marvels. These oddities represent a noteworthy danger to worldwide security by undermining either physical or mental harm to mankind. The foundation works to look after commonality, so that the worldwide populace can go ahead with their day by day lives without anxiety, difficulty, or uncertainty in their own convictions, and to keep up human autonomy from extraterrestrial, additional dimensional, and other additional typical impact.

Visit : http://ilooklikebarackobama.com/

In the event that you can’t see the puzzling, vague likeness among the first American black president in history and the insane white buddy who claims the site then something isn’t right with your eyes, as indicated by him. We don’t know whether this friend is being not kidding or he’s simply having a great time however in the event that a few people have to be sure persuaded this friend that he some way or another looks like Obama then something is the issue with their brains and their eyes.

9. 973-eht-namuh-973.com

Visit 973-eht-namuh-973.com : http://973-eht-namuh-973.com/

This is a strange site. Visit and understand it. It is totally unpredictable the meaning behind this website.

10. flightradar24.com

Visit : http://www.flightradar24.com/17.38,78.47/7

A few people like planes and a few individuals simply like watching other people. All things considered, we got uplifting news for both sorts of individuals since there’s a remarkably unusual site that permits you to “spy” on each and every plane flying at this moment in any piece of the world. You should simply tap the right flight or airplane terminal and who knows, you may be the one to comprehend the riddle behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

11. exitmundi.nl

Visit: http://www.exitmundi.nl/

This site is odd, most likely about it, and its substance is more or less grim in the meantime the general population behind it have an awesome comical inclination, know their actualities, and appear to be exceedingly keen (and abnormal, as well). In case you’re one of those people who continue pondering when the apocalypse will come and what it will resemble, or you are entranced by meteors, volcanoes, dark openings, nukes, climatic movements, and unusual sub-atomic catastrophes then this site will be up your back street.

12. ilooklikebarackobama.com

These are the some of the weird websites that we can found on web. Still there are many of the sites were there to annoy you, make you feel fun, and stay you connected for long time. Go through the websites mentioned above to get annoyed or excited. Weird websites makes you to pass the time with friends. Visit the pages by clicking on the corresponding links.


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